Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin

This delightful children’s biography by famed author, Marguerite Henry, is based on the life of 18th century Benjamin West, the father of American painting. Raised a Quaker in the colony of Pennsylvania, young Benjamin was taught how to mix paints by the local Delaware Indians and cut fur off his cat’s tail to make paintbrushes. West later studied art in Europe and resided in London, where he cofounded the Royal Academy of Arts. His studio became an art center where he taught three generations of American painters. The unit contains 19 scripted literature lesson plans, 9 beautiful coloring pages, a map of Colonial America, graphic organizers, classroom vocabulary cards, 6 coordinating arts and crafts lesson plans, a shadow puppet show script, and instructions for holding a Benjamin West Art Festival and Banquet. Readings are also included for William Penn, the History of Colonial Philadelphia, and the Life and Contributions of Artist Benjamin West.