Chrysalis International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational institute founded in 2000 by Dr. Elizabeth Youmans. It disciples those believers who are called to break the cycle of ignorance and the poverty of ideas in the Church by teaching the knowledge and application of the biblical principles of education and government to transform the culture for Christ.

Chrysalis International is an equipping ministry based on relationships that nurture the transforming truths of God’s Word through teaching and learning. The ministry focus is multi-generational and provides books, Christian education vision conferences, and various teacher training courses based on a nation-building model that lays Christ and His Word as the foundation for renewing the mind, building a biblical, Christian worldview, and inspiring fresh vision to the sphere of education.

Chrysalis International is the publisher of the AMO® Program, a turn-key curriculum that lays Christ and His Word as the foundation for renewing minds and cultivating Christian character and conscience. The Program serves families, schools, churches, and NGOs in their role to disciple the rising generation for Christ. Curricular units continue to be written, illustrated, translated and published.

New partnerships are welcomed and needed. If you would like to financially support our mission and on-going curricular development or sponsor a specific children’s AMO® program in the nations, please contact us at [email protected].

Dr. Elizabeth Youmans

Dr. William Cox
Rick Lane
Chris McReynolds
Christi Moorman

The organizations listed below are those with whom we co-labor and support in the nations and whose resources we recommend. They are like-hearted in belief and supportive of our mission and ministry. Each has produced valuable resources, courses of study, and excellent training programs that enhance what Chrysalis has produced for the educational sphere.

Chrysalis believes that when organizations support and work collaboratively, the synergy created produces a greater outcome in the kingdom of God than when organizations labor independently.