Homeschool Enrichment Curriculum:

AMO’s curricular units are designed specifically to cultivate a biblical, Christian mindset, Christian imagination, and Christian conscience in children ages 6-14. Any of our units can be inserted into your existing homeschool program of instruction to enrich and inspire your homeschool experience. AMO restores the heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind relationship between parents and children in the classroom.

Homeschool World Language Units:

AMO’s curricular units are based on reading the noble language and reflecting on the principles and ideals of the great children’s classics, the Bible, and the character of God. Available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English for ESL courses.

Family Read Aloud Program:

All AMO curricular units are designed for parents to pick up and use in the home to nurture family ideals and relationships through the great children’s classics and God’s Word. AMO provides the tool parents need as an alternative to the world of entertainment and cyberspace that has invaded the modern American home.

Family or Neighborhood Summer Enrichment Program:

AMO’s turnkey program is perfect for enriching your children’s summertime. Your teens can help you teach these units and enable you to enrich the lives of your children and those in the neighborhood with classics and enriched activities centered on the Gospel and noble ideals.


“I have really enjoyed teaching our children and other elementary through middle school-aged children with your AMO Teacher Guides. As a homeschooling mom for more than 23 years, I appreciate materials that are both teacher and student friendly and can be taught to multiple grade levels at one time. I love reading the classics aloud, and the children often ask for more. The note taking reinforces learning, and the activities are so delightful and educational. We have especially enjoyed the arts and crafts that accompany the classics! Thank you so much for providing this incredible resource to the homeschooling community.”

— A. V., Home Educator of four

“AMO’s curriculum teaches transforming truths in such a way that our children have been deeply inspired and nurtured within. Because these teaching units have woven history and the arts into the study of children’s classics and the books of the Bible, our children now see God’s Hand and reason with principles in many other areas of their lives. This is why I recommend AMO to other homeschoolers.”

— D. E., Home Educator of five

“AMO is truly an amazing program. I have used it to teach our children at home. My husband, who has a teaching degree, shared this about the Proverbs Teachers guide, ‘The person who designed this program knows how to teach children.’”

“After my children completed the Proverbs unit, one of them made a poor choice in his actions. When I described to the child the poor choice, this is how he responded, ‘Oh no, I am being a foolish child! I don’t want to be a foolish child! I want to be a wise child! This was said several weeks after the class had ended. Right now, the children are taking a co-op class, Joel, A Boy From Galilee. It is a fantastic class and the children are learning much about the life of Jesus Christ and the Hebrew culture.”

— R. C., Home educator of five