Curricular Units for the First through Eighth Grade Classroom:

AMO®’s curricular units are designed specifically to cultivate a biblical, Christian mindset, Christian imagination and creativity, and Christian conscience and character in readers and writers. Our units enrich any curriculum you’ve already chosen with classic children’s literature units with coordinated arts and crafts lesson plans; Bible reading for reasoning units; and providential history units. Each literature unit also contains a culminating celebration with play scripts and detailed directions for holding a school-wide festival.

High School World Language Units:

AMO®’s curricular units are based on children’s classics and the books of the Bible, which make them great units of study for use in advanced high school Spanish, French, and Portuguese courses. AMO®’s literature and Bible units have also been used in bilingual high school English courses of instruction.


“I am really happy with the Hans Brinker Guide. I like the scripted 40-minute lessons built on a Biblical principle with questions to generate thinking and discussion. The way your guides are organized is especially helpful for someone who’s just learning how to use the notebook method. As one who has spent years developing my own teaching materials, I can see how your guides provide a valuable model for teachers who desire to do the same. I love using the treasure chest of words, and the children love making the crafts and coloring the beautiful coloring pages. I plan to order your Charlotte’s Web Guide for my teaching next year. Thanks for all you’ve contributed to Christian education over the years.”

— M. S., Third Grade Teacher, U.S.A.

“I am amazed with the way our fourth graders are reasoning and writing in the Psalms Reading for Reasoning Unit. I am overjoyed to see all that is pouring forth from my students’ hearts as they are now writing their own Psalms!”

— C. I., Fourth Grade Teacher, Dominican Republic

“As a World Language teacher and a follower of Jesus Christ, I cannot say enough about the Spanish Charlotte’s Web—for its beauty and spirit of truth and for the life that it infuses into the hearts and minds of my students. In this age, what we need is a deliberate method to slow the soul down and cultivate it through reflection. I have not come across any material that has satisfied my students and me so deeply as the AMO® series of Teacher Guides. The methods and content truly cultivate the heart and train the mind for godliness through the acquisition of language.”

— J. R., High School Spanish Teacher, U.S.A.