Most adults around the world “look down on” children and discount their spirituality because they are “mere children.” Jesus esteems them as the “greatest in the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 18:1-5)

Man, the crowning glory of creation, is made in God’s image and destined for immortality. Every child has great potential, creativity, the capacity to think and reason, dream and envision. Each is ennobled with dignity and worth! In the eye of God, all children are equal and imputed with independent value apart from their station in life and their abilities.

AMO’s® methods are distinctively biblical:

  • The Gospel is proclaimed!
  • The whole child is nurtured—mentally, spiritually, aesthetically, physically, and socially.
  • Love is shared through relationships, service projects and community events.
  • Truth is imparted in every lesson.
  • Creativity is inspired by the fine arts.
  • Christian imagination is cultivated.
  • God’s Hand in history is memorialized.
  • Reflective thinking and reasoning with God’s Word is practiced in every lesson.
  • Character is taught as causative, not the environment.
  • Parents are included through weekly prayer and blessing cards.
  • A written record of learning is maintained by each child.
  • Learning is celebrated through music, drama, and festivals.