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    Online Video Course – English

    First Steps to Inspired Teaching and Learning


    This life-changing course is the gateway to inspired teaching and learning by principles and is rooted in the transforming truths of the Word of God. It is both philosophical and practical in nature and challenges the Christian teacher to embrace a wholistic view of God, life, and education. This course imparts a biblical, Christian worldview and reflective methods of teaching and learning.

    Participants are introduced to biblical principles for discipling their families and communities through Christian education, while biblical methods of sound teaching and learning are modeled using our AMO® Program’s lesson plans for each of the five components of the curriculum. Assignments are provided after each three hours of teaching. Group mentoring with the instructor is available for one hour each week.

    The course also instructs participants in how to use our enriched children’s curriculum. The teacher guides are introduced, which are designed with step-by-step lesson plans for the teacher, and the prescribed lesson plans promote inspired teaching and learning. The curriculum can be used in day and home schools, Sunday school and children’s church, as well as after school and summer program settings.

    This video course contains 25 hours of teaching, that was first imparted to a group of leaders in Kenya and Uganda via Blackboard, a university learning platform. Our video cameras were not turned on in order to keep the internet speed as high as possible. What is seen are the Power Points used in every session. The course instructors are Dr. Elizabeth Youmans and Dr. Jill Thrift. Mentoring sessions are available for participants.