Joel, a Boy of Galilee

This children’s classic, by Annie Johnston Fellows, was inspired by the Gospels and takes place near the Sea of Galilee. Fellows narrates two stories in one—the story about an embittered lame boy who lives in Capernaum and the account of the ministry and miracles of Jesus Christ. This unit contains 20 scripted literature lesson plans and a small unit on Israel’s geography that includes a reading, a blank map of modern Israel, and four biosphere coloring pages that highlight Israel’s unique terrain, flora, and fauna. There is also a reading on the seven biblical feasts and one on Jerusalem, the city of the Great King. Accompanying these lesson plans are 8 coordinating arts and crafts lesson plans, 8 additional student coloring pages and graphic organizers, classroom vocabulary cards, and instructions for the culminating festival of Pentecost.

Available in English and Spanish