Bach, the Boy from Thuringia

This inspiring children’s biography by Wheeler and Deucher is based on the life of the renown Baroque composer, Johann Sebastian Bach. This fictionalized narrative relates his whole life beginning as a young boy, his musical genius, and his character development as the world’s greatest organ virtuoso and composer. Bach is best known for transforming the foundation and structural basis of music in the western world. Our teacher guide provides the historical background of the Protestant Reformation, which began with Martin Luther in Germany, and the educational system that transformed northern Europe’s culture. The children will learn the biblical foundation of music as one of the fine arts. Bach’s deep Christian faith is evident in his music and words, which the children will listen to throughout their study. This unit is a short 12 lessons based on the length of the biography. It includes a map of Thuringia, beautiful coloring pages, a music dictionary of terms, an overview of Baroque instruments, graphic organizers, vocabulary cards, craft lessons that coordinate with the biography, and instructions and student scripts for a culminating festival, Das Bachfest.

Available in Spanish and English