Genesis Unit 1

This first unit of Genesis, “the book of beginnings,” is a study of chapters 1-11—the seedbed of the entire Bible and, as such, the foundational doctrine upon which all other Christian doctrine is built. Major themes studied are: 1) the doctrine of God; 2) the beginning of time, space, and matter; 3) the six days of creation; 4) the cultural mandate; 5) man’s relationship with God through covenant and worship; 6) Satan, temptation, and disobedience; 7) God’s judgment and provision for His eternal plan; 8) the human family; 9) law and civil government; 10) the beginnings of civilization and its institutions, of languages, and of tribes, clans, and nations. The children memorize Psalm 8 and a portion of Hebrews 11 and sing all the verses of “How Great Thou Art.” This guide includes 24 Bible_Reading lesson plans each with a great deal of background material for the teacher; graphic organizers; vocabulary cards; memory verse cards; parent prayer and blessing cards; and beautiful bookmarks.

Available in English, Portuguese and Spanish