The Book of Exodus

Exodus is known as the book of redemption. A study of this epic narrative lays the foundation for understanding most all of the New Testament. It contains more miracles and portrays more types of Jesus Christ than any other Old Testament book. Here God is revealed as the eternal God-King who covenants and dwells with His people, and the Gospel is preached through types and imagery. The riches in the Exodus account relate the miraculous deliverance of the Hebrews from slavery, the birth of the nation Israel, the receiving of God’s Law, the design of the tabernacle, the origin of ceremonial worship, and the life of Moses, the preeminent Old Testament figure. Major themes in our teacher guide are: 1) deliverance through God’s wonders and miracles; 2) redemption through the blood of a lamb; 3) walking with God in covenant relationship; 4) the Ten Commandments as a standard of moral conduct; 5) how God dwells among His people; and 6) the design of the tabernacle as a picture of God’s eternal gospel plan. The children memorize the Ten Commandments and learn several hymns. This guide includes 24 lesson plans with a large amount of background resource for the teacher; vocabulary cards; memory verse cards, graphic organizers that include: 1) a map study of the Exodus, 2) the study of the tabernacle and its furnishings, and 3) the types and symbols found in Exodus; a beautiful bookmark; and parent prayer and blessing cards.

Available in Spanish and English